ISF has a key role to play in uniting the many voices of the global seed industry and establishing common ground to facilitate the movement of seed around the world.

New position papers published: June 2018

At the 69th ISF World Seed Congress in Brisbane, Australia, the General Assembly approved the adoption of the following position papers:

  • Illegal seed practices – a threat to farmer livelihoods, food security and sustainable agriculture (in Intellectual Property)
  • Supporting seed choice for farmers (in Intellectual Property & Sustainable Agriculture)
  • Farmers’ Rights and farmers’ exemption: a clarification (in Intellectual Property & Sustainable Agriculture)
  • Consistent criteria for the scope of regulatory oversight (in Plant Breeding)
  • The international movement of treated seed (in Seed Treatment)
  • Digital Sequence Information (in Sustainable Agriculture)
  • Global Multilateral Benefit Sharing Mechanism (in Sustainable Agriculture)
  • The seed industry engages to combat child labour (in Vegetables)
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