ISF hosts and attends events worldwide to ensure that members' views are represented as part of our collective search for solutions to the key issues facing the seed industry today.

Events calendar 2017-2020

Event Place
May 22-24
Budapest (HU) ISF World Seed Congress 2017 Budapest (HU)
June 19-23
Hannover (DE) UPOV Technical Working Party for Agricultural Crops (TWA) Hannover (DE)
June 27-30
Prague (CZ) OECD Annual Meeting of the Seed Schemes Prague (CZ)
July 3-7
Roelofarendsveen (NL) UPOV Technical Working Party for Vegetables (TWV) Roelofarendsveen (NL)
August 28-30
Verona (IT) ISF: Tree & Shrub Seed Group Annual Meeting Verona (IT)
October 8-10
Riga (LV) ESA Annual Meeting Riga (LV)
October 15-20
Montreal (CA) ISF: Mid-term Meetings Montreal (CA)
October 23-26
Geneva (CH) UPOV meetings Geneva (CH)
November 7-10
La Rochelle (FR) UPOV Working Group on Biochemical and Molecular Techniques, and DNA-Profiling in Particular (BMT) La Rochelle (FR)
March 4-9
Zurich (CH) ISF: March Meetings Zurich (CH)
March 26-30
Geneva (CH) UPOV meetings Geneva (CH)
June 4-6
Brisbane (AU) ISF World Seed Congress 2018 Brisbane (AU)
October 21-26
Berlin (DE) ISF: Mid-term Meetings Berlin (DE)
October 29 - Nov 1
Geneva (CH) UPOV meetings Geneva (CH)
Feb 25 - 2 March
Lausanne (CH) ISF: March Meetings Lausanne (CH)
June 3-5
Nice (FR) ISF World Seed Congress 2019 Nice (FR)
Nyon (CH) ISF: March Meetings Nyon (CH)
June 8-10
Cape Town (ZA) ISF World Seed Congress 2020 Cape Town (ZA)
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