ISF attends events worldwide on behalf of its members to collaborate on finding solutions to the key issues facing the seed industry.

Events calendar 2016

Event Place
January 26-29
Cape Town (ZA) OECD: Ad Hoc and Technical Working Group meetings Cape Town (ZA)
January 30
Anaheim (US) ISF: V&O Section Board Meeting Anaheim (US)
February 2
Rome (IT) Crop Trust Donors' Council Rome (IT)
March 1-3
Nairobi (KE) AFSTA Annual Congress Nairobi (KE)
March 6-11
Rabat (MA) ISF March meetings Rabat (MA)
March 7-11
Portland (US) ISF: ISHI-Veg Technical Coordination Group meetings Portland (US)
March 14-18
Geneva (CH) UPOV meetings Geneva (CH)
April 4-8
Rome (IT) IPPC: Commission on Phytosanitary Measures Rome (IT)
May 14-15
Punta del Este (UY) ISF: Closed meetings Punta del Este (UY)
May 15-18
Punta del Este (UY) ISF World Seed Congress (WSC) 2016 Punta del Este (UY)
May 19
Punta del Este (UY) ISF WSC Thematic Day: 'Spotlight on South America' Punta del Este (UY)
May 24-27
Moscow (RU) UPOV BMT meeting Moscow (RU)
June 6-10
Paris (FR) OECD: Annual Meeting & Technical Working Group Paris (FR)
June 15-21
Tallinn (EE) ISTA Congress Tallinn (EE)
June 27-July 1
Brno (CZ) UPOV: TWV meeting Brno (CZ)
July 11-15
Queretaro (MX) UPOV: TWA meeting Queretaro (MX)
August 28-30
Sopron (HU) ISF: Tree & Shrub Seed Group Annual Meeting Sopron (HU)
October 4-5
Paris (FR) OECD: Forest Scheme Annual Meeting Paris (FR)
October 9-13
Rome (IT) ESA Annual Meeting Rome (IT)
October 17-21
Bordeaux (FR) ISF: Mid-term meetings Bordeaux (FR)
October 24-28
Geneva (CH) UPOV meetings Geneva (CH)
November 7-11
Incheon (KR) APSA Annual Congress Incheon (KR)
May 22-24, 2017
Budapest (HU) ISF World Seed Congress 2017 Budapest (HU)
June 11-13, 2018
Brisbane (AU) ISF World Seed Congress 2018 Brisbane (AU)
June 3-5, 2019
Nice (FR) ISF World Seed Congress 2019 Nice (FR)
June 8-10, 2020
Cape Town (ZA) ISF World Seed Congress 2020 Cape Town (ZA)
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